You Bought a Used Car – Now What?

You Bought a Used Car – Now What?

It’s likely you already know buying a used car is a safe play – lower price tag, less depreciation, etc. Plus, modern cars are built to last 100,000 miles and over, so there’s no need to question reliability and condition. If you already bought a used car, congratulations! To keep your purchase on the road for longer however, Automatic Car Credit of Idaho Falls has a few tips on how to maintain your used vehicle.


  1. Check the Engine Oil Often

For a used vehicle in good condition, you should check the engine oil monthly. For vehicles which require oil more often, you should check the engine oil more often. If you notice you have an oil leak, do not procrastinate – find it and fix it as soon as you are able.


  1. Maintain Adequate Tire Air Pressure

Due to the fact that tires wear with use, maintaining adequate tire air pressure can help prolong the life of each tire, as well as improve the fuel economy of your vehicle. Note that when your tire is correctly inflated, your tires can perform at their best – providing you better traction and a more comfortable ride overall. Tire pressure should be checked once a month using a tire-pressure gauge to check the inflation level in each tire, and always before a long road trip. Tires are best checked when cold and before the vehicle has been driven. The recommended tire pressure can usually be found in the glove compartment or in the owner’s manual.


  1. Wash Your Car Often

Here’s a hint: If you want a good-looking car, you want a clean car. To keep your used cars interior and exterior in good condition, we recommend washing it bi-weekly, or once a week if you drive more often. Washing the body of your vehicle, as well as hosing down the undercarriage, is necessary in order to remove the dirt and road salt your vehicle picks up while driving.


  1. Regular Maintenance Every 6 Months or 8,000 Miles

For normal driving, most automakers will tell you to do regular maintenance checks every 6 months or near 8,000 miles, whichever one comes first. Along with changing the engine oil and air filter, these checks include checking the constant-velocity-joint boots (CV boots), exhaust system, brakes, and fluids. You should also inspect the battery and clean the radiator to prevent overheating.


For used car owners especially, these simple checks and tasks will keep your vehicle in good, working condition and can make your car last longer. Automatic Car Credit of Idaho Falls not only wants you to get the car, but we want you to keep it on the road!

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