How to Sell Your Used Car

How to Sell Your Used Car

At Automatic Car Credit, we want you to find the best possible success with your used cars. This includes selling them. So what’s the process?

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  1. Paperwork

Even before you list your car for sale, make sure to organize your paperwork. Make sure to gather:

  • Title
  • Information from lender
  • State paperwork
  • Vehicle history report

These documents and information will help the process move smoothly.

  1. Set Your Price

Start be estimating the value of your car. This will help you come up with an attractive asking price for your used model. Try to set your price slightly above the current market value but stay within the ballpark so that you get a good deal on your used cars.

  1. Clean Your Car

The best thing you can do for any used cars that you want to sell is to give them curb appeal. Make sure to clean and vacuum your car before presenting it to any prospective buyers.

  1. Create Ads

Once you have your information and your car ready, create ads. Use photos of your car from various angles. Also be sure to take a picture of the driver’s seat, the trunk, the odometer, the tiers and even the engine. This will build buyers’ trust.

  1. Be Cautious

It’s a good idea to let potential buyers go to voicemail so that you can review what they have to say before getting in contact. This can help you filter out offers you might not want. Also be sure to meet them in a safe location. You might also consider bringing a friend.

  1. Close the Deal

After the buyer has had a chance for a test drive, they will usually start negotiating. Let them make the opening offer. For example, if they ask what the price is you might tell them that you think your asking price is fair but that they can make you an offer. Be sure that the buyer is prepared to pay with either a cashier’s check or cash. You’ll then need to sign the required paperwork.

Once you’ve sold the car, the next step might be to start shopping for a new one. Our team at Automatic Car Credit is here to help! We can match you with your choice of used cars regardless of your credit score. Visit our website to get started.

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