The Best Time of Year to Buy Used Cars

The Best Time of Year to Buy Used Cars

With the New Year, it’s likely that you have a lot of plans and goals of what things you want to accomplish. One of the things on your to-dos might be to start looking into a new vehicle. It might be for your kid who is headed off to college or it might be a replacement for your own damaged vehicle. In any case, you can do yourself—and your wallet—a favor by knowing what time of year to start looking for used cars.

Buying in the Summer

If you’re looking for used cars that have four-wheel drive—a must-have for Idaho winters—then summer is the perfect time to start looking. Snow won’t be on people’s minds yet, which means you’ll have an advantage. Then, near the end of summer, dealers will be trying to clear space for new models. This can offer some good opportunities for making an affordable purchase on used cars.

Buying in the Winter

If you’re looking for something more high-end like a convertible, the aim for the winter months. Don’t try to buy in the spring or summer. It’s tempting with the warmer weather, but you’ll get a much better deal when there is less demand.

In fact, December and January are probably your best bet for most models. Most people’s minds aren’t on cars during the holidays. This means a  slower demand, which will make dealerships and sellers more eager to strike a deal.

Generally, the best time to buy a car is before you need it. The more time and space you give yourself, the less stressed you’ll be while shopping. This means you can seek out the best deals and avoid making rash purchasing decisions. At Automatic Car Credit, we can help you find the car that best fits the needs of you and your family. Come on in, even if you have bad car credit, and we’ll help you find the perfect match.


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